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“Kopytka” potato dumplings with spinach and garlic

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    • Preparation:
    • 20 minutes
    • Serves:
    • 4 osób
    • Difficulty level:
    • Łatwy


The product needed for this recipe: “Kopytka” Potato Dumplings

400 g frozen spinach leaves

4 cloves garlic

50 g butter

100 ml half fat cream (12 % fat content) for soup and sauce

seasoning: salt and pepper

Cooking method:

Thaw the spinach leaves and cook them with minced garlic in butter. When almost cooked, stir in the cream, and continue to cook the mixture for about 6 min. whist stirring. Season with salt and pepper. Top cooked “Kopytka” dumplings with the spinach sauce.