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“Knedle” potato dumplings filled with strawberries served with anise and caramel sauce

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    • Preparation:
    • 30 minutes
    • Serves:
    • 2 osób
    • Difficulty level:
    • Średnio trudny


The product needed for this recipe: Gefüllte Erdbeerenknödel

1 packet JAWO “Knedle” potato dumplings filled with strawberries

300 ml water

150 g sugar

1 tsp anise seeds

Cooking method:

Place the sugar in a frying pen and melt it. When it turns into light brown caramel, combine it carefully with the water and anise seeds. Thicken the sauce by reducing the water. Cool it down and serve with cooked “Knedle” potato dumplings.