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About us

We have been in business since 1992. It was then when a group of friends who shared love for best culinary traditions had come up with the idea of starting the JAWO company.

We promote health…

The idea behind our operations is quite simple. We want to produce tasty and healthy food which any working person will choose to buy, food which families aware of their needs will choose, food which will be chosen by young people as well as those who are a little older. We dedicate our offer to those who are short of time on a daily basis, but are still determined to make wise choices when it comes to food.

We promote traditions…

Since the very beginning our utmost concern has been with the highest quality and unique taste of our products, which is the reason why we decided to implement the traditional method of making various kinds of dumplings and other foods. As of today we produce about 350 t of food monthly, which makes us the biggest producer of this kind of frozen food in Poland.